The Rituals and Traditions of Family

by Heather

egg-webFor many, this past weekend was full of adventure! Egg hunts, picnics, games, candy, and special meals shared with family and friends. Childhood, if one is fortunate, is full of magical rituals and celebrations that are anticipated joyfully from year to year. And as children grow into teenagers and then adults, these same traditions have the power to bring them home again.

The power of ritual and tradition needn’t be limited to Hallmark-endorsed holidays! You can create mini daily or weekly rituals that your children come to anticipate and enjoy. Maybe it’s the silly song you sing to wake them in the morning, family game night or eating by candlelight. All these little bits and pieces become part of the family narrative, telling the story of who you are, what you value, how you play and who you love.


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