Summer Yoga Calm® Groups

by Heather

This summer NCA Associate Nadia Delshad, PsyD will be offering several Yoga Calm® groups for children and families. Below she talks about her experiences with Yoga Calm® and its unique effectiveness with children struggling with big feelings, impulsivity, inattentiveness and/or poor social skills.

Yoga Calm®

Teaching children yoga along with social-emotional skills felt like a natural progression in my work with children, specifically children with anxiety and ADHD issues. I had been practicing yoga myself and wanted to find a program that would allow me to share the benefits of yoga with my own small children as well as my child clients. In 2010, I discovered Yoga Calm®, a research based program developed by Lynea Gillen here in Portland, Oregon. Yoga Calm® combines the physical movements and creativity of play with learning, making it fun and effective. Children are managing incredible amounts of stress that can prohibit them from learning or from processing their emotions effectively. Yoga Calm® is an approach that allows children to learn valuable skills for managing stress as well as have a lot of fun doing so! Currently, Yoga Calm® is used in classrooms to teach emotional regulation and social skills as well as aid in classroom management. Clinically, it has been found to be helpful in addressing a wide range of issues including managing the symptoms of anxiety and ADHD.

After completing the Yoga Calm® certification, I continued to work with Lynea Gillen in developing a girls’ group which is still running today. I also assisted with summer programming and day camps. I find teaching Yoga Calm® rewarding and energizing. When teaching Yoga Calm®, it’s easy to see how much the children are enjoying the experience. As the classes progress, I watch children begin to identify and share their feelings more easily. They share with each other the challenges of their week and build connections with their peers in a supportive environment.

Families are invited to stay during Yoga Calm® classes and watch as their children participate. This allows parents to later coach their children in moments of upset to use their Yoga Calm® skills and poses to “reset.” Parents will often share with me stories about how their children are using their skills as well as about their own increased confidence in helping their child self-sooth.

I am excited to be offering several different groups this summer (see below) and would welcome parent phone calls to answer questions about specific groups or about registration. You can reach me directly at 503.444.8229.



Yoga Calm groups


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