Creating a New Normal with Compassion

by Heather Vliet, LPC
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Parents, please be gentle with yourselves! While some degree of routine is important to help create a sense of normalcy and security for your family, it is also important to recognize the emotional load you are currently carrying.

Start small as you create a flexible routine for your family — perhaps think about it as ingredients to a cookie recipe. What ingredients are needed to bake a satisfying cookie that you and your family can enjoy? Exact measurements are not necessary!

Some “ingredients” you might include:

  • Daily self care — a morning and evening routine for bathing, dressing, and tiding up personal spaces
  • Regular meal times and snacks
  • Physical activity – a walk, bike ride, yoga. There are free resources online for led activities to share with your children.
  • Learning — reading, audiobooks, workbooks, other materials that can be self-paced
  • Creativity 
  • Outdoor time
  • Free, unstructured time
  • Family time

Sharing a loose schedule with your children helps them anticipate and move through their day. It’s ok to lighten up on restrictions you might typically have for technology. These are unusual times and you will be able to walk those back when life begins to resume its normal patterns once more.

Free reading and audible resources: