Breana Evans, LPC

Child and Family Therapist

Breana Evans

  • Breana: 503.928.8900
  • Hours: Mon-Thur, 8:00am-5:00pm

“One step at a time”

    • Ages10 years – young adulthood
      Parents and adults
  • Services Individual (child and adult)
    Family and group therapy
  • SpecialitiesAttachment disorders
    Behavioral and emotional concerns
    Parent training
    Grief and loss
I firmly believe that each and every one of us does the best we can.  Children and teens are no exception and like adults, they want to do well and feel well.  I’ve worked with many youth who are discouraged and even hopeless at the onset of counseling.  I approach children and teens just as I do adults, in a respectful, supportive, and understanding manner.  I work to understand the root of the “problem,” so that healing may begin.  I’ve counseled many whose problems have been rooted in abuse, loss (death of a family member or loss of family of origin through other circumstances), abandonment, witnessing domestic violence, and family changes such as divorce.  I use a variety of techniques when working with children, teens, adults and families including: Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, EMDR, Motivational Interviewing, Skills Training, and Systematic Training for Effective Parenting.  I enjoy helping children, teens, adults and families to explore and identify new strategies that might improve their mental and physical well-being.  I believe that anything is within reach when one has support and takes one step at a time.

Quick Questions


What training and experience do you have?

I’ve worked in a residential treatment setting with some of the most challenging youth, teens, and their families for the past 13 years.  I have been inspired through the years by their courage, commitment and perseverance and in turn, inspired to continue to be the best I can be as a professional, individual, and mother.  I am educated in evidenced based treatment while remaining creative and client-centered in terms of application.  I admire and respect the journey of each individual I meet and feel grateful to share in their experience.


What services do you offer?

I offer individual therapy for children, adolescents, and adults. I offer family and sibling counseling as well as Parent Training. I respect the challenges that not only individuals but families face in this fast paced world with relentless demands. I admire and respect those who make the step to engage in therapy in order to improve their mental and physical health. If you are new to counseling, I will help orient and guide you through the process one step at a time. We will work collaboratively to determine how to best meet your individual or family needs.

What can I expect if I come to see you?

You can expect to enter a space where the goal is for you to be understood. You can expect a lot of questions at the onset of therapy in order for me to get to know you. You can also expect respect, understanding, and support should you not be ready to offer answers to questions about your life. The counseling space is about you and you can expect that I will do my best to be in tune with you and your needs so that it’s a place where you feel comfortable. You can expect me to meet you where you are and adjust accordingly. Basically, you can expect that I will do my very best to help you feel comfortable, heard, understood, and supported. If you have specific questions that I can answer regarding logistics of sessions, please feel free to contact me ahead of time so that I can help reduce any anticipatory anxiety that you might have.


What ages do you work with?

I generally I work with ages 10 and up. I’ve witnessed amazing growth with youth and teens when working with them in conjunction with their families. Based on my training and experience, I also believe that I work well with adults, specifically those whom have had traumatic early life experiences. My passion is working with trauma and attachment which affects all ages and stages.


What if my teen doesn’t want me to participate?

In our first meeting together, we will talk about both your and your teen’s concerns and address questions about confidentiality, privacy and when parents need to be involved in sessions.


Do you work with adults?

Yes! I focus on understanding each person I work with whether they are a youth, adolescent, or adult. I find that by focusing on people’s unique experiences and my education of life-span development, I’m able to successfully work with a variety of populations. I look forward to learning about what your experiences and goals so that I may help support your journey.